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Should you bring your baby to work?

US mothers are bringing their newborns into the office.

US mothers are bringing their newborns into the office as an alternative to expensive childcare. Carla Moquin, founder of the Parenting in the Workplace Institute, says about 200 US firms already do it, and having babies in the office can boost morale. (Picture: Woman with baby girl in office; Credit: Michael Jung/Getty Images)

Watch: How can a crocheted octopus help a premature baby?

South Today

The strength of a newborn babies' grip is well-documented. It's a primitive reflex which develops while babies are still in the womb, with the unborn foetus often grabbing at their mother's umbilical cord.

Its significance is such that premature babies in the neonatal unit at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey are being given special bedfellows - in the shape of crocheted octopuses - to keep them safe in their incubators.

As Joe Campbell reports, the secret is in the tentacles....

Toy octopuses are helping premature babies in a Surrey hospital
An increasing number of children are starting school without being potty trained

Parents are said to be delaying their child going to school as they are not potty trained