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A meal and a couple of beers - what Kathmandu trekker is looking forward to

Pictured at the Harwich ferry terminal before beginning a 10-month trek to Kathmandu, Henry Dunham said now they've arrived at their destination, he's "going to go out and get some food, with Sam's parents and family if we can find them and my brother Ben and my sister Jemima, we're all going to go out for some dinner".

With family and friends at Harwich

He added: "I'm going to have a couple of beers and then plan our 10-day excursion around Nepal. 

"We've been invited by the [UK] ambassador in Nepal to come out and have afternoon tea with them, so that will be exciting... and apart from that, we're going to go and look at some mountains."

Dad admits he didn't think son would complete Kathmandu trek

The father of Henry Dunham, who's just completed a trek from Harwich to Kathmandu to raise money for the Suffolk-based charity Annie's Challenge , has told his son: "To be honest, I didn't really believe you were going to complete this."

Henry Dunham and Sam Crimp

Nick continued: "You have been absolutely astounding and we are so proud and we're just looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible."

Asked whether she was going to have to do all his washing, Henry's mum Madelaine said: "I think it'll all go in the bin actually - [he's worn] the same T-shirt for 10 months."

Expeditioneers' former head teacher 'takes his hat off' to them

The headteacher of Framlingham College, where Henry Dunham and Sam Crimp both went to school, has praised the intrepid pair at the end of their 10-month trek to Kathmandu.

Average night on the trek

Speaking to Henry via Skype, Paul Taylor said: "It's been great to follow your blogs along the way from you and Sam, I take my hat off to you I really do. 

"How you must be feeling now at the end of this epic... It must be such a mix of emotions we're so, so proud - I'm in awe of what you've achieved. Well done."

Intrepid adventurers complete their marathon trek

Henry Dunham and Sam Crimp - pictured (l-r) a couple of days ago - have completed their mammoth trek from the UK to Kathmandu.

Henry Dunham (l) and Sam Crimp

Speaking to BBC Suffolk's afternoon presenter Lesley Dolphin , Henry said: "I can't even begin to explain the level of relief . 

"It's such a weird feeling having done this for 10 months. 

"We spent an hour walking through the Kathmandu outskirts, through the outer city and into the centre.

"We had knots in our stomachs with nervousness because it's the end of so much. 

"We're very very happy to have finished."

More about the 'expeditioneers'

It's a big day for two former Framlingham College students, who are close to completing their 6,500 mile (10,460 km) trek from the UK to Kathmandu, raising money for Suffolk-based charity Annie's Challenge .

Their " Kathmandu-it " charity reveals details of the pair:

  • Sam Crimp - Suffolk-born and bred, has previously hitch-hiked 4,500 miles in Australia. He says with a potential army career after the Kathmandu challenge this "stroll" to Nepal should be perfect training
  • Henry Dunham - has previously climbed to 6,000m (19,685 ft) up Mount Everest. He's also scaled Galdhopiggen in Norway, which is the tallest mountain in Northern Europe, and admits to having a "bizarre love of the gym and an odd desire to go without showering for an extended period of time"

Skype permitting, we should hear from the intrepid adventurers later on.

Trek route

The end is in sight for pair trekking to Kathmandu

Henry Dunham and Sam Crimp, who both went to Framlingham College, set out from Harwich on 30 May last year, to walk to Kathmandu to raise money for Annie's Challenge .

The family-run charity, which was set up in 2015, is based in Suffolk.

It was launched after Annie Hughes, Henry's sister, was diagnosed with a brain tumour, with the aim of providing funds to help support sufferers of brain cancer.

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