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Is the EU getting its mojo back?

Merkel and Macron are setting a course for the future of the EU.

With Emmanuel Macron newly elected and Angela Merkel looking likely to be re-elected, the shape of the EU they will re-craft is becoming clearer. Damien McGuinness in Berlin. (Photo: An EU supporter wearing pro-EU symbols as President Macron of France visits Chancellor Merkel of Germany Credit: Getty Images

Emmanuel Macron visits French troops on trip to Mali

The new French president visited the West African country less than a week after taking office.

France has a new prime minister

Edouard Philippe is a fresh face and he likes to box

Emmanuel Macron began his first day as French president in Berlin meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Before leaving he announced Republican Edouard Philippe as France's new prime minister. Ben McPartland, The Local France reporter spoke to Outside Source and revealed a few surprising facts about the new PM - like his skills in boxing Photo: Edouard Philippe. Credit: Getty Images