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Elderly Iraqi Kurdish men in traditional Kurdish garb sit in the bazaar of Suleimaniyeh, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)-controlled city, some 340km northeast of Baghdad, 17 October 2002

Between 20 and 30 million Kurds make up the fourth-largest ethnic group in the Middle East, but they have never obtained statehood. Here is a guide to some key issues about the Kurds.

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What next for the Islamic State group?

Quentin Sommerville on what might happen to so-called Islamic State now its "caliphate"'s shrinking.

Syria's future after the defeat of so-called Islamic State

The advance of so-called Islamic State in Syria and Iraq has had major implications for the UK.

Looking at British military action abroad

Zahawi and Alexander on UK military action in Syria

Looking back to 2013 when MPs voted against action in Syria, a result secured after Labour decided to oppose it. Douglas Alexander, shadow foreign secretary at the time, and Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi, who held opposing views then, spoke to Daily Politics presenter Andrew Neil about British foreign policy and its role in military action abroad.