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How a horse learned to paint

Metro is a racehorse turned artist whose paintings help fund his life-saving vet bills.

From racehorse to artist, we meet Metro in his stable turned studio, where he paints bright vivid pictures that sell for hundreds of dollars. His owner Ron Krajewski has become Metro's reluctant spokesperson and tells Outlook's Zach Young how the profits from the paintings have gone towards his vet bills and also helping a horse charity. (Picture credit: Zach Young.)

A tree a day keeps the doctor away

Adam Pinder-Smith

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

We've all got our daily rituals such as a morning walk or singing in the shower but Jane Horton from Sheffield's is a little different.

She's drawn a tree every day for a whole year!

You can see more of her collection here.

Are Cake-Smashing Photoshoots the Latest Craze?

Sasha Twining talks to Hampshire photographer Libby Edwards about cake-smashing.