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The tuna farming challenge

Why it's so hard, and expensive, to farm the voracious bluefin tuna

The appetite for bluefin tuna is huge in Japan, but farming these giant fish is far from easy. Edwin Lane visits Yoshifumi Sawada in the country's southern Wakayama province to find out how it's done. (Picture: A bluefin tuna farm in Japan)

Bluefin tuna: Japan's obsession with a US castoff

How a fish went from US town dumps to the "pinnacle" of Japanese cuisine - sushi

How did Japan get hooked on bluefin tuna? The BBC’s Edwin Lane speaks to author Trevor Corson, who explains how the wild fish went from being discarded at US town dumps to the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine - sushi. (Picture: A chef preparing bluefin tuna sushi. Credit: Ethan Miller, Getty Images)

Fujifilm delays earnings announcement

Probing accounting irregularities at NZ unit

woman holding fujifilm camera

Shares of Fujifilm closed lower by more than 4% in Tokyo trade, after the company disclosed it would delay releasing full year results, which had been initially scheduled for next week

The Japanese company had discovered accounting irregularities at its New Zealand unit, and had decided to set up a third-party panel to look into the validity of some lease transactions at its Fuji Xerox New Zealand operations. 

In addition to manufacturing cameras and photocopiers, Fujifilm also has businesses in the health sector. 

Mike Pence says North Korea is the 'most dangerous threat'

The US vice-president also promised to stand by Japan, one of Washington's closest allies.

Reinventing Japan's architecture after the war

An exhibition in London traces the reinvention of the traditional Japanese home after World War Two.