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Japan moves to stop 'death through overwork'

Japan's government is telling people to go home early today

In Japan, today is Premium Friday. The government is encouraging all offices to close early on the last Friday of every month, to give workers time off. Tsukasa Ohbayashi, editor in chief for Europe for Nikkei, talks to the BBC's Roger Hearing about why that's important to stop the culture of karoshi - death through overwork. (Picture: Yukimi Takahashi, whose daughter Matsuri killed herself in 2015 due to overwork, speaks to reporters about the agreement she reached with company Dentsu. Photo by The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images)

Can 'Premium Friday' help reduce suicides?

Japan is trying out a new scheme called Premium Friday. It lets workers go home early one Friday a month, in a bid to reduce suicide.

Japanese bald men celebrate pull factor with special tug of war

More than 30 bald men in Japan are holding an annual get-together, including an unusual version of tug of war.

Asset sale boosts Toshiba shares

Toshiba signage

Toshiba shares soared 18.5% on Wednesday, outpacing the broader market where the benchmark Nikkei 225 was flat. 

Investors snapped up shares on expectations it will soon sell off a stake in its prized microchip business, after the company announced a $28m (£22.5m) sale of its medical finance unit to Canon. 

The Japanese firm has been looking at ways to raise cash, after revealing it is looking at a $3.4bn loss for the year to March 2017. That is mainly due to a $6.3bn writedown at its US nuclear business. 

Thousands vie for Naked Man title

Thousands of men wearing just loincloths gathered at the Saidaiji Kannon-in Temple, Okayama, Japan for an annual festival.