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Language and Our Genes with Dr Steve Jones

Michael Rosen talks to Steve Jones about language and our genes.
Michael Rosen and Dr Laura Wright talk to geneticist Steve Jones about how language is used to talk about genetics, and how genetics influences language.

Producer Sally Heaven.

A Message From Our Ancestors

Dr Steve Jones explores what genetics can tell us about what it means to be human.
Dr Steve Jones, Reader in Genetics at University College, London gives the first of six Reith Lectures on the new biological insight into humanity.

He explains how the study of genetics has been transformed in recent decades and argues that while fossil records and ancient myths preserve some limited truths about humanity's origins; our genes hold a far more complete picture. Like anatomy, sociology or psychoanalysis, he says, genetics can give us a significant glimpse into aspects of our history and about what it means to be human. 

'I'm 27 and preparing for early-onset Alzheimer's'

'I'm 27 and preparing for early-onset Alzheimer's'
Jayde Green is 27. Genetic tests suggest she will develop early-onset Alzheimer's, as her father did.

She speaks to our reporter Hannah Morrison about her fears for her one-year-old son, and how she is preparing for the future.
Genomics to offer Welsh patients 'personalised' treatment
The first genomics strategy for Wales, including plans for "personalised" treatment, is published.