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How Google search unmasked a drug lord

Silk Road: how a tax man used Google to unmask Dread Pirate Roberts

You could buy any drug imaginable, wherever you were in the world, on the Silk Road website. Hidden on the dark web, it made millions of dollars every week. The US government had been trying to shut it down for more than two years when tax agent Gary Alford was brought in to try to trace the money which passed through the site. In his spare time, Gary started searching Google, to try to find the mysterious mastermind behind the site: Dread Pirate Roberts.

£8,000 cocaine smuggler jailed

Julie Flanagan

BBC Channel Islands News

A man has been jailed for four-and-a-half years for trying to smuggle £8,000 worth of cocaine into Jersey.

Jersey's Royal court heard Gerard Anthony Meadows was found with cocaine inside him, after being arrested at Jersey airport.

42-year-old Meadows, from Liverpool, was stopped at the airport and taken to hospital for X-rays and four packages of cocaine were found inside him.

He told officers he had used cocaine and cannabis whilst in Liverpool and he had also used both drugs in Jersey.

In his defence the court was told Meadows was genuinely ashamed of his actions and regretful. An order was made for the drugs to be destroyed.

Court hears packages of heroin 'professionally wrapped'

Julie Flanagan

BBC Channel Islands News

A 45-year-old man has been sentenced to six years in prison, and recommended for deportation after trying to import heroin into Jersey, Jersey's Royal Court heard.

Jose Manuel Ferraz Figueira
States of Jersey Police

Jose Manuel Ferraz Figueira, from Madeira ingested 41.5 grams of heroin, with an estmated street value of £41,500.

The court heard Figueira eventually admitted to customs officers he was holding the heroin when he was detained after getting off the ferry at St Malo and having an X-ray.

Initially he claimed the drugs were for his own personal use because he was a heavy user but a Customs Officer said the amount found was wildly in excess of what researchers said was feasible.

The next day he produced five wrapped packages customs officials described as "professionally wrapped".

Sentencing Deputy Bailiff, Tim Le Cocq said he had only given a guilty plea after an X-ray was taken, and he had given different versions of what had happened to reduce his guilt.

He said Figueira's "continued residence" in Jersey would be "to the detriment of the island".

BreakingMan sentenced to six years for importing heroin

Julie Flanagan

BBC Channel Islands News

A 45-year-old Madeiran man has been sentenced to six years in prison for importing heroin into Jersey with an estimated street value of £41,500.

Jose Manuel Ferraz Figueira has been recommended for deportation.

Jersey's Royal Court heard Figueira was stopped in Jersey in December 2016 after getting off a ferry from St. Malo. The defendant had very little money, no bank or credit cards and said he would be staying in Jersey for three days with a friend, the court heard.

Figueira was taken to hospital for an X-ray, and the results were described as "suspicious", the court heard. He later admitted to customs officers he had three packages of heroin concealed internally.

Five packages were found to contain 41.5 grams of powder which was 9% pure.

Secret bunker cannabis growers jailed

Three men have been jailed for running a cannabis factory inside a former nuclear bunker in Wiltshire.

Trump's wall: The most dangerous border town

Mexican cartels have turned Reynosa into the most dangerous town along the US-Mexico frontier.

Drugs believed to be crystal meth seized

Sue Nicholson

BBC News

Five men have been arrested after police made several seizures of the drug believed to be crystal meth in Brighton and Hove during the last week.

About £1,000 worth of the drug, along with items associated with its process, was seized during a warrant at Cobblers Thumb in New England Road, Brighton, last Thursday night.

Sussex Police said chemicals and substances were also recovered from an address in Pullman Hall, New England Street, Brighton.

On Monday, quantities of what is believed to be crystal meth, GBL and cannabis were recovered from an address in Denis Hobden Close in Brighton.