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Sean Spicer: 'Obama made clear he was not a fan of General Flynn'

Sean Spicer explains why President Trump ignored the advice and weeks later hired, then fired, General Flynn.

Barack Obama jokes about loyalty of wife Michelle

The former US president has thanked his wife Michelle for sticking with him after his presidency ended.

Barack Obama jokes about loyalty of wife Michelle

Former US President Barack Obama delivers a funny line during a moment of appreciation for his wife.

Is this the weirdest race in sport?

The Washington Nationals baseball team host a mascot race between four former presidents.

During the fourth inning at a Washington Nationals home baseball game, mascots of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt race to see who is the quickest. The race has become a fan favourite, with people keeping tallies throughout the season. But don't expect the Nationals to introduce a new President according to the team's director of entertainment, Tom Davis. (Image: Washington Nationals mascot race, Credit: Getty Images)

Obama warning to young people: 'Be careful with your selfies'

The former US president warned an audience of young people in Chicago to be careful on social media.