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Jamie Knight

Senior Accessibility Specialist at the BBC

Impairment + Environment = Disability. This is the Social Model of Disability
Jamie Knight

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With his talk on 'Cognitive 103'

Jamie Knight

Senior Accessibility Specialist at the BBC

Jamie is an autistic accessibility specialist, his day job is helping teams to ensure our apps and services provide a great experience for all out users.

Jamie will present a quick walk through of his model for cognitive accessibility and how he applies it in the digital and physical world.

Cartoon images of Jamie and Lion
Jamie Knight

Jake voices the main character in 'Pablo'

He explains what 'Pablo' means to him and his friends.

Jake explaining why 'Pablo' is important for him

Meet Draff from 'Pablo'

Always wants to be right – or be seen to be right.

Draff from Pablo
Paper Owl Films

Gráinne McGuinness up next talking about 'Pablo'

Creative Director of Paper Owl Films

'Pablo' is an animated TV show in which the central character Pablo uses his magic crayons to turn his life challenges into fantastic adventures, and his feelings into colourful characters. Pablo is on the autism spectrum and the show helps children to understand what this means.

Pablo and his friends
Paper Owl Films

VIDEO: Greater awareness of autism is needed

The mother of an autistic boy who was asked to leave a doctors' surgery has said there needs to be more awareness of the condition.

As we've reported, Zoe Coupland's son Tommy, three, had a meltdown after becoming distressed by the waiting room buzzer at East Hill Surgery in Colchester.

Reception staff asked them to leave as "nurses could not hear what they were doing". 

Ms Coupland said she hopes that people can start to understand that autism is a real condition.

The doctors' surgery has been contacted for a comment.