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Boy with autism 'astonished' at appeal response

A boy with autism celebrated his 11th birthday with cards sent from all over the world after his mum made an appeal on social media.

Ben Jackson

Lisa Jackson, from Southsea, asked people to send a card to her son Ben because no-one came to a previous birthday party.

Dedicated trolleys were set up at Portsmouth sorting office to handle the tens of thousands of cards

"My other birthday was awful - this one is a big improvement," said Ben.

Autistic patient at risk: 'It's intolerable,' says former care minister

Former care minister, Norman Lamb, has reacted to the desperate pleas of a mother for quicker NHS treatment for her autistic son.

The Wiltshire mum of a 26-year-old man, who is severely autistic, has ADHD and who self-harms, says she fears her son will end his life before he gets to the top of a nine-month waiting list to see a specialist.

Speaking to BBC Wiltshire, Mr. Lamb says, "it's intolerable that someone with clearly complex needs is left waiting this long... the NHS Trusts's statement about his case is not an honest assessment of what's going on."

"It's just rationing. People who have the money can get access to health, but everyone else is left waiting. They're not spending enough money on people with mental health needs."

Anonymous supportive hands
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'Anguish' caused by daughter's undiagnosed autism

Failure to correctly diagnose the special needs of children could lead them to self harm, it is claimed.

The performance

Huw Thomas

BBC Wales arts and media correspondent

It was designed to create a friendly environment and a relaxed attitude towards audience noise.

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BBC National Orchestra concert for audience with autism

It was designed to create a friendly environment and a relaxed attitude towards audience noise.

How music therapy helps kids with autism

BBC Music Day: How music therapy can help children with autism

A look at how music therapy helps seven-year-old William cope with his autism. This clip comes from a special BBC Music Day episode of the CBeebies show The Let's Go Club.