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SS Mendi tragedy commemorated 100 years on

The lives of more than 600 men who died in the sinking of the SS Mendi in the English Channel have been commemorated 100 years on.

SS Mendi
South African Navy

The ship was hit in thick fog off the Isle of Wight by a cargo steamship.

The men on board were South Africans travelling to France to assist the allies in World War One.

Bodies were washed up along the Sussex coast and buried locally, including at Newtimber, near Brighton, where a memorial service was held on Saturday.

French workmen's cafe accidentally gets Michelin star

A small local cafe in central France is mistaken for an upmarket namesake in Paris

The owner of a workmen's cafe in central France was shocked to discover she had been awarded a prestigious Michelin star. It turned out, however, that the Le Bouche a Oreilles brasserie in the town of Bourges had been confused with its more upmarket namesake in Paris. Veronique Jacquet managed to see the funny side - and she told Newshour about the mix-up. (Photo: Le Bouche a Oreilles cafe in Bourges. Credit: Le Bouche a Oreilles)

Sister of Paris police 'rape victim' speaks out

The sister of the young man who was allegedly sexually assaulted by French police, calls for justice in a BBC interview.