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BreakingStrike by Doncaster postal workers ends

Kevin Larkin

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

A wildcat strike by post workers in Doncaster has come to an end.

Post strike

Members of the Communications Workers Union walked out after allegations of management bullying.

After talks, the Royal Mail says employees are now back at work and normal deliveries will resume tomorrow.

Union: Doncaster post workers 'at boiling point'

Kevin Larkin

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

Doncaster postal workers are "at boiling point" according to their union.

Staff are on a wildcat strike with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) alleging bullying tactics from Royal Mail managers.

Branch Secretary of the Doncaster CWU, Steve West, described the mood at the sorting office:

Royal Mail says the customer enquiry office at their centre in Balby is open.

However, the firm is warning that deliveries will be disrupted today.

BreakingDoncaster post workers go on wildcat strike

Kevin Larkin

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

Workers at Doncaster's Royal Mail delivery centre have gone on strike.

Members of the Communication Workers Union have taken action over alleged bullying tactics by management.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail says services will be disrupted but the firm is treating Special Delivery items as a priority.

Talks are taking place between the CWU and Royal Mail.

Royal Mail is fully committed to the process of trying to resolve concerns of postal workers based in Doncaster by following the national jointly agreed framework with the Communication Workers Union (CWU)."

Julie PironeRoyal Mail