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First airmail flight honoured in gallery

Gustav Hamel
Royal mail
Gustav Hamel flew in his Bleriot airplane, covering 21 miles in just 18 minutes

Royal Mail has launched an online gallery marking the first airmail flight in 1911.

The collection includes photographs of Gustav Hamel, who flew the world's first scheduled flight carrying mail between London and Windsor, Berkshire.

The picture gallery also includes the earlier forms of airmail using carrier pigeons and hot air balloons.

The Royal Mail now exports to more than 250 destinations using 55 airlines from Heathrow and Gatwick.

Watch: Are London's postcodes fit for purpose?

Some people in London are struggling to get deliveries, taxis and even emergency services to their house because of problems with updating postcodes.

One possible solution is What3words, a London-based company which claims postcodes can be a thing of the past.

By using mapping technology to split the world up into trillions of three-metre squares, every location can be found by its its unique name, formed of three random words from the dictionary.

Royal Mail said: "The local authority is responsible for requesting new postcodes for new authorised addresses.

"The local authority is also responsible for requesting any change in postcode if required. Royal Mail works hard to accommodate any local authority requests for a change of postcode if such changes are urgently required and are practically possible."

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