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Four-hundred postal workers attacked by dogs in five years

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More than 430 postal workers have been attacked by dogs in Devon over the past five years.

During that time, Plymouth alone saw 213 incidents, whilst Exeter postal workers encountered 156, Royal Mail said.

Its latest figures showed the majority of injuries were bites, cuts and bruises; but it added that, with summer being here, as temperatures climbed, so did the number of attacks.

It said that the front garden or door was the most common place for an attack, with 71% happening there. But 13% happened through the letter box, and 16% happened in the street.

Postmen drop thousands of rubber bands says resident

Telford's postmen have been criticised for dropping rubber bands.

A Woodside resident says he's collected more than 2,000 of them in the last six months.

rubber bands

The Royal Mail says they're biodegradable and break down in 12 months.

But David who lives on Warrens Way says it's littering and he plans to give the rubber bands back to Royal Mail for Christmas.

Staffordshire watermill on Royal Mail stamps

A Staffordshire watermill is set to feature on new stamps released by the Royal Mail.

The Cheddleton Flint Mill is one of the watermills that will form part of the new collection.

The postal service said it wanted to celebrate the rich agricultural and industrial heritage of the landmarks.