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Provides an overview of Cameroon, including key events and facts about this former French and British colony in Africa

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“Le Cameroun organisera bel et bien la CAN 2019” Issa Tchiroma

“Le Cameroun organisera bel et bien la CAN 2019” Issa Tchiroma

Le Cameroun organisera bel et bien la CAN 2019. Les autorités ont tenu a le confirmer après les propos samedi du président de la confédération africaine de football Ahmad Ahmad qui doutait publiquement de la capacité du Cameroun à accueillir la compétition. Selon le président de la CAF, l’accueil de la CAN 2019 peut encore échapper au Cameroun. Le pays organisateur de la compétition lui, se dit capable d’achever les travaux et d’organisation la prochaine CAN dans les meilleures conditions.

Fisherman found bishop's body

Randy Joe Sa'ah

BBC Africa, Bamenda

Navy divers had been searching for the body of a missing Catholic bishop in River Sanaga in Cameroon, but it was a fisherman who found it floating downstream.

Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Balla of the Bafia Diocese in central Cameroon went missing three days ago, leaving his home just before midnight.

The 58-year-old's night watchman said he opened the gate for the bishop, wondering where he was going so late.

Sand diggers found the bishop's abandoned car the next morning on the bridge over River Sanaga, close to Ebebda, a small town west of the capital, Yaoundé.

Crowd at banks of river
Albert Njei

A suicide note, which said in French “I am in the water”, was found in the car. However, investigators are yet to determine if the bishop wrote it and under what circumstances.

A priest in the same Bafia diocese also died two weeks ago. He was found dead in his bedroom.

The bishop was said to have been very disturbed by the priest's death.

However, Bishop Samuel Kleda, who is the president of the National Episcopal Conference, said the two deaths were not linked.

Cameroonians are shocked, and prayers are being held in parishes across the country.

Bishop Faustin Ambassa Ndjodoof Garoua in northern Cameroon said the late clergy “was a wise man and a very accessible person. We have lost a very important man. It’s a great loss”.

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