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Manchester attack: Jeremy Corbyn on 'traumatic time'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urges solidarity after the Manchester attack.

Labour leader cancels Ironbridge visit

As expected, Jeremy Corbyn has cancelled his planned visit to Ironbridge today.

All parties have suspended general election campaigning, following the bomb attack in Manchester last night.

Jeremy Corbyn
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The Labour leader had also been expected to visit Walsall and Cannock today.

Jeremy Corbyn in 1987

Brian Wheeler

Political reporter

The life and times of Jeremy Corbyn, the man bidding to be the next Labour prime minister.

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Election 2017: Corbyn blasts May's 'pretend u-turn'

The Labour leader says changes to the Tories' social care plans aren't changes at all.

General Election 2017: Labour leader visits East Yorkshire

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is on the campaign trail in Hull and Goole today as part of his party's general election campaign.

Last week, Labour launched its manifesto ahead of the national vote on 8 June.

Today, Mr Corbyn's expected to meet with local supporters as well as the former Hull MP and deputy prime minister John Prescott.

During his visit to Hull, Mr Corbyn has defended his party's policy to scrap university tuition fees, saying he is "determined that university education should be available for all".

Labour will also reinstate the maintenance grant and the education maintenance allowance that allows young people to continue doing their A levels, he said.

"We want all young people to have a chance of going to university," he said at a campaigning event in Hull.

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