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Jeremy Corbyn 'would repeal Trade Union Act'

The Labour leader told Andrew Marr he supported workers asking for a decent public sector pay rise.

Jeremy Corbyn wants devolution of Brussels' powers post-Brexit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says Brussels' powers should be devolved to Scotland post-Brexit.

'There has to be rubbish collection and bin men job security' - Corbyn

Patrick Burns

Political editor, Midlands

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he’s confident the election of the new council leader in Birmingham will lead to a settlement of the long-running bin dispute.

The result of the election is expected at a meeting of the city’s ruling Labour group on Thursday evening.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Here's what he said when I asked him who he supports - the Labour administration in Birmingham or the trade union Unite.

I have spoken to Unite. I have spoken to the Labour MPs for Birmingham over the last few days. I am very pleased that we are now in a position following the resignation of John Clancy to elect a new leader. Hopefully now we will get a resolution to this dispute. There has to be rubbish collection. There has to be security of employment for the bin men. I want a settlement quickly."

Jeremy CorbynLabour leader

In an interview with me, Mr Corbyn also says Labour will win back the two local marginal seats it lost to the Conservatives in the General Election, Walsall North and Stoke South.

You can see that interview in full on Sunday Politics Midlands at 11:00 on Sunday on BBC One.

And there’s more in my blog.

Hanley pottery firm makes limited edition Jeremy Corbyn jug

A Stoke-on-Trent pottery firm has produced a toby jug resembling Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour supporter Alexander Kirk, from Lincoln, commissioned Hanley's Bairstow Manor pottery to make 500 jugs.

The 19-year-old student said he would donate some profits to the Jo Cox Foundation.


However, Roger Bairstow, owner of Bairstow Manor Collectables, says the Corbyn pots have "no chance" of overtaking the firm's number one seller.

"He's never going to catch Winston Churchill," Mr Bairstow said.

Russell Brand: If I helped Jeremy Corbyn that's great

Comedian and actor Russell Brand on the rise of the Labour leader and why the UK voted for Brexit.