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How internet access is changing school life

Investment in computer technology said to be reaping benefits

The Trom Basic School in Koforidua, Ghana, is seeing the benefit of being connected to the internet. It has 420 pupils aged 4 to 18 and computers that are linked to the web is a relatively new initiative. Elsewhere in the country access to the internet is patchy - and often very expensive. Julian Keane found out what the children make of their connection to a world of information. (Photo: Information Technology teacher Francis Agyare Appah with pupils at Trom School)

'The internet is a blessing' says pastor who streams his service

Rev Stephen Wengam believes the internet and social media has grown his congregation

There's no doubt that for those lucky enough to have it or access it, the internet can open up all sorts of possibilities. As Newsday's Julian Keane found out in Accra, Ghana, that goes for many organisations including the church. (Photo Rev Stephen Wengam; Credit BBC)