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한 달에 4천만 원을 버는 중국의 BJ

중국의 인터넷방송 시장의 규모는 매우 커서 한 달에 4천만 원 가량을 버는 BJ도 있다.

Lack of computer skills is 'shutting people out' of the jobs market.

Sharon Edwards

Political Reporter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire

One in four people in Lincolnshire don't know how to write and send an email, according to government figures.

There are fears the lack of basic IT knowledge is stopping people from getting jobs and it might affect them when changes to the benefits system come into place.

A close-up photo of an email being written

Universal Credit, which is replacing some benefits and tax credits next month, is administered online by claimants.

It's claimed some people don't feel they need to learn how to use a computer, while others blame poor internet access across the county.

Who invented online spam?

How two lawyers became the first people to send spam messages in 1994

In 1994, lawyer Laurence Canter, along with his partner Martha Siegel, became the first person to spam online users. He explains how it all began. (Image: Spam folder, Credit: Getty Images.)