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Selling giant clam shells to support menstruation charities

Money from the sale of a giant clam is being used to provide menstrual caps for women

Volker Bassen works as a scuba-diving instructor in Kenya, he's also an avid collector of giant clam shells. He then auctions them off around the world to support a variety of charitable projects back home. His latest success was selling one for $32,000 in the world's largest gem and mineral show in Tuscon, Arizona. This time the money is going to a new project - a factory to make menstrual caps for women. (Pic: Quarry miner standing next to an ancient giant clam shell; Credit: Volker Bassen)

Kenya's north hard hit by drought

The phenomenon is blamed on last year's El Nino

A severe drought has spread across East Africa threatening the lives of millions of people. In Kenya, the government has declared the drought a national disaster in as much as half the country. The Red Cross in Kenya says that 2.7 million people face starvation if help is not provided. One of the worst affected regions is Marsabit County in northern Kenya. The BBC's Anthony Irungu has visited the area. (Photo: Cattle destroyed by drought in Marsabit County. Credit: Anthony Irungu/BBC)