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Race row over Father’s Day advert

Pumza Fihlani

BBC News

A leading insurance company in South Africa has raised the ire of many after running what critics have described as a “racist” Father’s Day video.

OUTsurance's controversial advert shows a montage of scenes where men - fathers, all white but one black - do a range of positive activities with their children to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday.

Its caption was: “Happy #FathersDay to all amazing dads out there.”

Many say the advert was not representative of South Africa and it suggested that only white men made good fathers.

The company has since withdrawn the video, saying the lack of diversity was an “unintentional oversight”. It blamed a junior staffer for the campaign.

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Many have taken to social media to call for a boycott of the company, which some say has overlooked its black clients in its adverts a number of times prior to this incident.

Some 80% of the population in South Africa is black. Those who have taken issue with the advert, saying it is a symptom of how corporate South Africa is prejudiced against black people:

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SA row over bid to increase black stake in mining sector

BBC World Service

South Africa has adopted a new mining code which increases the threshold of black ownership in mining companies.

Firms which want prospecting rights must be majority owned by black investors, while mine operators must have 36% black ownership, up from 26%.

Existing companies will have a year to meet the revised figure.

Share prices in several mining firms fell after the announcement.

The South African Chamber of Mines, which represents the sector, says it will contest the decision in court.

Black people make up around 80% of the population in South Africa, but even more than two decades after the end of apartheid much of the economy is still controlled by whites.

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