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HMS Ocean arrives in British Virgin Islands carrying aid

HMS Ocean arrives in the British Virgin Islands to help those affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Warships commander hands over control in Devonport

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There's a new commander of the Royal Navy flotilla of warships in Plymouth.

Ministry of Defence

Commodore Rob Bellfield is the new Commander Devonport Flotilla.

He replaces Commodore Paul Halton who goes on to a new post.

Commodore Bellfield is a former commanding officer of the training establishment HMS Raleigh and captain of three frigates.

South West sailors head to Caribbean to deliver aid after hurricanes Irma and Maria

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Sailors from across the South West are among those on board Plymouth-based HMS Ocean who are heading to the Caribbean to deliver aid after Hurricane Irma, the Royal Navy says.

The helicopter carrier is "filled with aid" from the UK and Gibraltar governments, including: trucks, food, temporary shelters, building materials and toys.

The sailors are also potentially facing having to help after Hurricane Maria, which has landed in Puerto Rico.

The ship, which is following in the wake of Maria, is due to reach the region at the end of the week.

The navy's RNAS Culdrose base in Cornwall said its 820 Naval Air Squadron and a group from its Maritime Aviation Support Force - which works on flight deck operations - were among the sailors, Royal Marines, aviators and engineers on board.

HMS Ocean

Naval ship in sea trials after refit

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Plymouth based HMS Albion has been undergoing sea trials after her £90m refit at Devonport Dockyard.

The Royal Navy warship boasts a flight deck, an internal harbour and a massive vehicle deck.

HMS Albion

It will be able to transport hundreds of Royal Marines anywhere in the world.

Sea Fury crash plane rebuilt

A Royal Navy plane that crash-landed at an air-day in Cornwall is due to return to its Yeovilton base in Somerset this week after being rebuilt.

Experts have spent three years re-assembling the Sea Fury, which came down at the RNAS Culdrose Air Day in 2014.

Sea Fury crash, RNAS Culdrose, 2014
Andy Aitchinson

The Royal Navy plane crashed onto the runway at the show, but the pilot, Lieutenant Commander Chris Gotke, walked away uninjured.

The Sea Fury will go on display at Yeovilton later this month after returning on Friday.

South West troops help with hurricane aftermath

Military personnel from the South West are among 1,000 troops deployed in the Caribbean to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Irma is believed to have been responsible for at least more than 30 deaths in the Caribbean and 18 in the US.

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Plymouth's HMS Ocean ready to sail with Hurricane Irma aid

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The Plymouth-based flagship had loaded emergency supplies in Gibraltar to provide aid to British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean affected by Hurricane Irma, the Royal Navy said.

The helicopter carrier was due to set sail tonight, it added.