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LISTEN: 'We feared for our lives' says York couple caught up in Irma

Elly Fiorentini

BBC Yorkshire Live

A couple from York say they feared for their lives as they were trapped by Hurricane Irma in Cuba.

John Scrowston and Katy Scott had to leave what was meant to be a dream birthday trip to the Caribbean island.

Katy told BBC Radio York about the moment they realised the storm was coming.

Hurricane Irma: Plea to help injured Briton return from Cuba

A crowdfunding page has been set up to help a Liverpool woman return home from a Cuban hospital affected by Hurricane Irma.

Joanne McDonald

Joanne MacDonald, 43, was being treated for a fractured spine and two broken legs in the island's capital, Havana, after falling from height two days before Hurricane Irma.

Mrs MacDonald, who was on holiday with her husband and daughter, is now also battling an infection at The Hospital General de Morón.

The crowdfunding page was set up by friend Jan Fotheringham after Mrs MacDonald's insurance company said it would not pay for a medical airlift.

She is now in a scary situation – unwell in a badly damaged foreign hospital, with no way of getting home. When I last spoke to Jo, her husband was sleeping on the floor in the hospital and despite the very willing medical staff, she has not seen a doctor for three days and does not have the antibiotics she needs to combat her infection.

Jan FotheringhamFamily friend

Listen: Barnsley man wants to return to Cuba to help hurricane victims

Elly Fiorentini

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

An electrician from Barnsley says he wants to return to Cuba to help people affected by Hurricane Irma.

Six and a half million homes in Florida remain without electricity as the clean-up continues following the hurricane. About forty people in the Caribbean and at least three in the US are now known to have died because of the hurricane.

Ian Ashmore, an electrician from Barnsley, was on holiday in Cuba earlier this year. He has decided to go back with his son and a friend to try to help.

Parts of Cuba have been submerged in water for days.

Charting Hurricane Irma's path of destruction

Millions of people have been displaced due to the biggest Atlantic hurricane in recent history.

Hurricane Irma batters Cuba

The Caribbean island felt the force of Hurricane Irma, with houses destroyed along the north coast.