Women's rights

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Simone Biles holds Olympic Gold medal

The BBC 100 Women 2016 season was bigger than ever before - three weeks of inspirational stories, videos and debates, all culminating in a takeover of Wikipedia to get more women's profiles on the internet.

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Canadian writer Margaret Atwood says she worries about women's issues under Mr Trump.

The Canadian writer compares attitudes to women's rights to those of 17th-century New England.

100 Women 2016: Highlights from the season

This year's season featured films on defiance, a groundbreaking visual reality experience, debates on black and white feminism, and a series of opinion pieces.

What's it like being a woman in politics in 2017?

Three members of Canada's parliament tell the BBC what it's like being a woman in politics today.

What is it like to be British, female and Muslim?

Shaimaa Khalil examines how British Muslim women deal with their multiple identities, and the spike in hate attacks targeting them.