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Asena Melisa Sağlam as attacked on a bus, allegedly for wearing shorts during Ramadan.
Asena Melisa Saglam is fighting back, after a video of her being attacked on a minibus in Istanbul went viral, causing national protests.
100 Women: Teaching men not to harass women on public transport
Classes in Nairobi aim to teach boys and young men what constitutes harassment - and how to intervene if they spot it happening on public transport.
100 Women: Why I didn't report sexual harassment on the bus
Sian Lewis is a sociology expert who researches sexual harassment but she decided not to report her own experience.
Anita Nderu speak openly about her experience of harassment in Nairobi
More than half of women in Kenya have been harassed on public transport, according to a recent study - Anita Nderu is one of them.
100 Women: We need to talk about street harassment
Most women experience some form of street harassment, but what type of behaviour are we talking about?
Japanese agricultural worker in a rice field

Valeria Perasso

World Service social affairs reporter

Over past decades, the number of women in agricultural jobs in the developing world has increased and programmes are in place to improve working conditions. But is it leading to real empowerment?

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