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Investigation after patient injured at Rotherham Hospital

Kevin Larkin

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

An investigation has been launched after a patient was seriously injured at Rotherham Hospital.

Rotherham Hospital

The man has been transferred to the Northern General Hospital for treatment after the incident yesterday evening.

Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust says it's carrying out an investigation.

Polce were called, but they say the incident wasn't suspicious.

Nurse suspended over school uniform request to patient

Laurence Cawley

BBC News

A mental health nurse who asked a patient to return to her next appointment wearing her school uniform has been suspended .

North Essex Partnership Trust

Gary Snape was working for North Essex Partnership Trust (Chelmsford main office pictured) when he committed a string of patient care failings.

A Nursing and Midwifery Council  conduct panel  heard Mr Snape had also "inappropriately" asked a patient to tie material around her body.

The panel suspended Mr Snape from working as a nurse for six months.

A melon a day... can help treat your wound

Kevin Larkin

BBC Local Live, Yorkshire

The health benefits of fruit have taken a different twist in Doncaster.

Melons are being used to allow staff at Doncaster Royal Infirmary simulate wounds on human skin.

Skin masterclass
Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals Trust

It's part of a technique called Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

The trust says it works by creating a vacuum through a sealed dressing placed over the sore.

This then draws out any fluid from the injury and increases blood flow to the area to help drain and clean the wound.

Health group to discuss proposals for new 'super surgery'

Proposals for a "super surgery" housing three GP practices are on the agenda for the Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group when they meet on Tuesday.

Old Norwich Road

The new facility, which would be built on the site of the former Tooks Bakery factory on Old Norwich Road in north west Ipswich, would accommodate the surgeries currently at Norwich Road, Deben Road, and Chesterfield Drive.

The proposal is for the centre to be built by Ipswich Borough Council, who would then lease it to the NHS.

The council also has plans for 60 affordable homes on the site.

Leader of the council, David Ellesmere, says: "We need to ensure that as we build new houses in Ipswich, we do put in the community facility.

"We're really hopeful this new doctors' facility will provide that additional capacity within the NHS for the new development in north Ipswich."

Revolution in skin cancer care

Caroline Kingdon

BBC Local Live

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) is the first outside London to benefit from a new microscope which can detect skin cancer without the need for a biopsy.

The Confocal Microscope uses low-power laser beams that shine through the skin, reflecting off tissues beneath the surface, which illuminate the skin cells in question.

This allows the doctor to determine if a patient has cancer without the need to obtain a skin sample under local anaesthetic, followed by laboratory analysis.

The microscope being tested on a member of hospital staff

The machine will be used for research purposes in the first few months. Once staff have been trained, it will then be used in dermatology clinics.

The hospital is a skin cancer centre and screens over 6,000 people a year. 

NNUH consultant dermatologist Dr Jennifer Garioch says the equipment will have huge benefits for patients, providing on-the-spot diagnosis and reducing the number of biopsies needed.

Closure of Corby Urgent Care Centre 'not an option', say councils

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

Corby Borough Council says the closure of Corby Urgent Care Centre "is not an option and we are talking to both parties to see if they can come together to resolve the issue".

John McGhee, the councillor responsible for health, said that if Lakeside Plus, which currently runs the centre, can't reach an agreement with the clinical commissioning group then there should be a "seamless transition" to another provider.

Corby urgent care centre

Lakeside Plus has said that the centre will close in eight days' time, while the CCG denies this will happen.

Mr McGhee said that should the centre close it would put a "real strain on Kettering General Hospital".

Directors at Corby Urgent Care Centre say IT WILL close at the end of the month

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

The situation surrounding the fate of the Corby Urgent Care Centre has again become rather unclear.

Yesterday, Lakeside Plus, which currently runs the centre, said it would close the facility at the end of the month, but health bosses in Corby say it's staying open.

However, a new statement sent to us from Lakeside Plus says it is "dismayed by the total lack of negotiations as the countdown clock for closure reaches eight days to go".

Corby urgent care centre

Lakeside Plus says it is not pulling out of the contract to run the centre early, and indeed has provided extracts of the contract for us to see. This states its agreement with the local clinical commissioning group runs out on 31 March.

It also says that the CCG has not put forward a new provider for the centre, nor does the CCG own the building or many pieces of equipment in the centre.

It ends by saying it does "not want to close" and thanks people who came to protest this morning.