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Hospital Trust?

Is public affection for the NHS preventing it from becoming fit for the future?

Is public affection for the NHS preventing it from becoming fit for the future? Polling suggests that despite many complaints about the public health service, it is regarded as a much-loved and uniquely British institution. That's why for decades, it has been an article of faith among politicians that closing down hospitals or major medical services is close to electoral suicide. Received wisdom is that members of the public are dogmatically attached to their local hospitals. But could our attachment be more than just dogma? And what happens when politicians and professionals believe they know what needs to change - but the public come to an altogether different answer? Amid a time of rising demand, rising costs, and changing priorities, Sonia Sodha of The Observer explores the subtle relationship between public opinion and healthcare management. Producer: Gemma Newby.

Former mental health nurse on why she had to leave the NHS

Aimee Leigh Smith was a mental health nurse for 17 years. She left the NHS after the "stress and burnout" became too much.

Urgent works hit North Devon District Hospital phone network

BBC Radio Devon

Urgent work on the phone network at North Devon District Hospital means the lines won't be working overnight, bosses say.

The message comes from the healthcare trust which runs the site.

It said BT engineers would be working on the lines from 21:00 until 07:00.

A dedicated mobile number has been set up by the trust for people to dial, with the switchboard available on 07976 472246.

North Devon District Hospital