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Telford Princess Royal Hospital: Hundreds march in support of A&E

Up to 900 people join a march in protest over plans to downgrade Telford's A&E.

Derby intensive care unit holds open day

Khia Lewis-Todd

BBC Local Live

Ever wondered what your intensive care unit looked like? 

Well people in Derby had the chance this weekend to go and have a look around The Royal Derby Hospital's intensive care unit.

Staff held a special open day so people could look around the ward and talk to doctors and nurses. 

Lorna who is 64-year had a special reason for visiting.

Royal Derby Hospital

I was in intensive care in February for three to four days and I really don't remember much about it - so I thought I'd come and see what it actually looks like. When you're in here it's like a cocoon and you don't appreciate where you are - I didn't even know where the intensive care unit was.

Kerry Luke, Abbie's mother

Michael Buchanan

Social Affairs Correspondent, BBC News

Since then, failures to monitor foetal heart rates have contributed to the deaths of five babies.

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Concerns over muscular dystrophy support in South East

Stuart Maisner

BBC Live reporter

People supporting patients with the muscle-wasting condition muscular dystrophy say they're getting a raw deal from the NHS in the South East.