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PMQs: Farron uses May's 'nasty party' phrase to attack policies

Tim Farron attacks the prime minister for her policies on child refugees, health and social care, and benefit changes.

PMQs: Corbyn raises Waspi issue of women's pensions

Jeremy Corbyn raises the Waspi issue of women's pensions, when he poses a question from Maureen.

PMQs: Robertson and May on pension triple-lock commitment

The prime minister is asked for a "clear and unambiguous commitment" to maintain the state pension triple-lock by the SNP's deputy leader.

PMQs: May on Abbott telling followers about Corbyn website

Theresa May tells MPs about Diane Abbott directing her followers to a website called: I Like Corbyn But.

In an exclusive interview, the Conservative leader explains her approach to Brexit

An election victory for the Conservatives will strengthen the prime minister's hand in EU negotiations, Theresa May tells BBC Wales.