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Mobile phone coverage problems bad for business, minister says

Poor mobile phone coverage in parts of Wales is bad for business, a UK government minister has said.

App to increase understanding of prescription medicine

A Glasgow company launches a new app to help people better understand how to take their prescription medicines.

Three reasons to ignore work emails at home

Why should employees be allowed to ignore work emails after hours

Social Futurist Mal Fletcher tells World Have Your Say why answering work emails after hours may be bad for you, as firms with more than 50 workers in France are told they must set out the hours when staff are not supposed to send or answer emails.

The film student who outsmarts a phone thief

Mobile phones are an increasingly tempting target for thieves

Anthony van der Meer is a Dutch film student who got angry about how much of his personal information could be found when his smartphone was stolen. To turn the tables on the thieves, he set a trap by installing spyware on an another device that he allowed to be stolen so that he could track the pickpocket's life. The result is a short film called "Find My Phone". He told BBC Newsday what he discovered about the thief. (Photo: Anthony van der Meer spying on his phone's thief. Credit: Anthony van der Meer)