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Duchess of Cambridge plays pool on visit to children's charity

The Duchess of Cambridge shows off her pool-playing skills on a visit to a children's charity in south Wales.

Duchess south Wales visit 'a celebration' for children

The Duchess of Cambridge visits children's charities in south Wales.

Scotland's young carers at higher risk of mental health problems

A new study finds Scotland's young carers are more at risk of mental health problems than other children their age.

Who spends $150,000 on a kid's birthday party?

Children's birthday parties are getting expensive in some countries - but how much would you spend keeping up with the Joneses?

Mark Neville has captured the power of child's play in the harshest of environments.

Mark Neville's photographs show that some of the most inhospitable places on earth are not, contrary to what most of us imagine, a barrier to play.