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School budget boost 'not new money'

An extra £1.3bn for schools in England is being taken from other education budgets, Labour says.

Where does Labour stand on Brexit?

Labour has crucial role in shaping Brexit since the Tories lost their overall majority

Labour will play a crucial role in shaping Britain's exit from the EU now the Conservative government has lost its overall majority. The vast majority of Labour MPs backed Remain ahead of the referendum - but most followed party orders to allow Article 50 to be invoked (the mechanism for leaving the EU). On the day the government publishes the Repeal Bill and the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn meets the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, David Aaronovitch asks a range of political experts what Labour wants. He'll look back into the party's history to see if that helps explain today's divisions and he'll be briefed on whether Labour's Brexit wishlist is realistic. CONTRIBUTORS Steven Fielding, Professor of Political History at The University of Nottingham Catherine Barnard, Professor of European Union Law, The University of Cambridge Deborah Mattinson, former advisor to Gordon Brown and founder of think tank Britain Thinks Producers: Phoebe Keane and Beth Sagar-Fenton

Public sector pay: Philip Hammond shown cleaner's payslip

The chancellor is asked if a weekly wage of £297 constituted "being overpaid".

Jeremy Corbyn reacts to Tony Blair criticism

Mr Blair had said that Brexit, followed by a Corbyn government, "would leave the UK flat on our backs".