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Paleontologist William Fox and his dinosaur discoveries celebrated on Isle of Wight

Fossils discovered by a Victorian clergyman, who had four dinosaurs named after him, are going on display on the Isle of Wight.

William Fox
Natural History Museum

Among Rev William Fox's finds was one of the first, almost complete dinosaurs - a partial skeleton of the small plant-eating Hypsilophodon.

Two free events are to be held in Brighstone by the Dinosaur Isle Museum and Royal Society to commemorate Fox - who had more dinosaurs named after him than any other Englishman.

Prof Paul Barrett, from London's Natural History Museum, will give a lecture later at the Wilberforce Hall on recent advances in the study of dinosaurs.

Tomorrow a new walking trail around Brighstone will be launched following routes that Fox may have used between the village and the cliffs where he made his discoveries.

Copies of a map will be available as free downloads from the Dinosaur Isle website.