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Knife crime push: 400 weapons taken off the street

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The latest phase of Metropolitan Police's specialist knife crime operation has seen more than 500 arrests and 400 weapons taken off the street, according to Scotland Yard.

A unit of 100 specialist officers from Operation Sceptre were deployed to knife crime hotspots, carried out weapons sweeps and gave presentations at school ahead of an expected summer spike in knife attacks.

During the week long push from 10 July, 318 knives, 12 firearms and 73 offensive weapons were recovered by the capital's police forces.

In addition 518 arrests were made across the the capital's police services, which included 166 arrests for possession of a knife or an offensive weapons.

Acting Detective Chief Superintendent Sean Yates said: “We know the summer period can see an increase in knife crime so are ensuring we take positive action to try and prevent offences by working with our fellow police colleagues to remove knives and offensive weapons before any harm is caused.

Public safety 'could be threatened by lack of data sharing'

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Public safety could be threatened unless the government "gets its act together" over data-sharing after Brexit, a former Met Police boss says

Lord Condon said it could become "much more difficult" for police to share information with EU counterparts unless transitional arrangements are made.

He sits on a Lords committee that has called for guarantees the UK will continue to meet shared standards.

It said private firms could also be affected by a "cliff edge" scenario.