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Dior boss: How to build a luxury brand

"You need to have intuition and maturity," for fashion success says Dior boss Sidney Toledano

Morocco cracks down on the burka

Morocco is banning the sale and manufacture of burkas.

The Moroccan government is banning the sale and manufacture of burkas .. though they will still be legal to wear, at least for now. It's the first Arab or Muslim state to take such a step. Karima Kouah and Jonny Dymond on why. Photo: a woman wearing a burka walks in front of a gate in Morocco Credit: AFP/Getty

Isatu Harrison: My pride at Buckingham Palace outfit

Isatu Harrison was just 11 when she fled her home in Sierra Leone during the civil war - now she has her own fashion label in London.

Are these countries leading in the style stakes?

"Europe has lost its energy and creativity"

If you're searching for creativity in the fashion world, don't begin with the catwalks in New York or the boutiques in Paris. That's the advice from Italian photographer, Daniele Tamagni, who has captured the fashionistas of urban tribes all over the world. Pictured here are the vibrant Sapeurs of Kinshasa, Afro-Metal Cowboys from Botswana and the Bolivian Cholita female wrestlers. Daniele Tamagni has been telling Anu Anand that the streets of the global south are now the epicentre of the most vibrant fashion show on earth. (Photo: Sapeurs in Kinshasa, Afro-Metal Cowboys in Botswana and Cholita wrestlers in Bolivia. Credit: Daniele Tamagni)

The evolution of the Moroccan kaftan

Moroccan fashion designer Ilham Benami describes how she built her kaftan business and how her designs have evolved for the modern Moroccan woman.