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Gibraltar - Extended Edition

An online exclusive extended version of the last episode of the series.
In an online exclusive extended version of the last episode of the series, Mark Steel visits the British overseas territory of Gibraltar.

Mark performs in the spectacular setting of St Michael's Cave, inside The Rock. He explores Gibraltar's relationship with Spain, visits a British phone box, has some British fish and chips and encounters some not so British monkeys.

HMS Queen Elizabeth visits Gibraltar

Rock of Gibraltar
Royal Navy

The UK's new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived in Gibraltar on its first overseas port visit.

The £3.1bn carrier left Portsmouth last Friday for further sea trials.

The future Royal Navy flagship will refuel and take on supplies before leaving Gibraltar to conduct helicopter trials with Merlins and Chinooks from Boscombe Down.

Map of Gibraltar

Provides and overview of Gibraltar, plus key facts and dates for this British territory which is claimed by Spain

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Gibraltar Chief consulted on Northern Ireland border

MPs consult Gibraltar's Chief Minister about Brexit border controls
The Chief Minister of Gibraltar knows about the sensitivity of borders - given the Rock's status, separate from Spain.  

And so, as Rob Powell reports, MPs on the Northern Ireland Committee were interested in his view of what might happen post-Brexit to the UK's only land border with the EU: the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. 

There is more from Today in Parliament at 2330 on BBC Radio Four.

Brexit 'concern' for finance industry

BBC Radio Jersey

An opposition politician has urged Jersey ministers to work closely with small jurisdictions to prevent Brexit having negatuve consequences for the islands.

Deputy Sam Mezec has been in Gibraltar for a meeting of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

He said Gibraltar faces similar challenges to Jersey, and the two jurisdictions could support each other when it comes to securing passporting rights to do business with the EU.

Sam Mezec

That is obviously of huge concern here and the most worrying thing about it really is that we don't really know what's going to happen with Brexit."

Deputy Sam MezecReform Jersey

Jersey deputy finds inspiration in Gibraltar

BBC Radio Jersey

A trip to Gibraltar has inspired a Jersey politician to start making changes in his own party.

Deputy Sam Mezec spent time with the governing Socialist Labour Party and said Reform Jersey could learn a lot from it.

The party has introduced free university tuition and student accommodation.

Deputy Mezec said he'd like to introduce some of its ideas and policies in Jersey ahead of next year's election.

Rock of Gibraltar