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US troops welcomed by Poland

A deployment of 3,000 US soldiers is welcomed by Poland's prime minister and local residents.

US tanks and troops arrive in Poland

Tanks and troops arrive in Poland - the largest US military reinforcement of Europe in decades.

Berlin attack: Trucker raised $250,000 for attack victim

Trucker who raised nearly $250,000 for Berlin victim to be thanked by Polish ambassador

The English truck driver who raised nearly $250,000 for Berlin attack victim Lukasz Urban is to be thanked by the Polish embassy for his contributions towards the funeral and victim's family. (Photo: Lukasz Urban's casket surrounded by mourners at funeral. Credits: Odd Andersen / Getty Images)

Poland makes $2bn art haul

Poland has bought several world renowned paintings for a fraction of the price

The Polish government has managed to purchase thousands of historic works of art for a fraction of their estimated value. The Czartoryski collection includes works by Rembrandt, Renoir and Da Vinci - and is believed to be worth around $2bn - but Poland paid only $100m for it. Anna Maria Jakubek explained more about this controversial sale. (Photo: 'Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani' (The Lady with an Ermine) by Leonardo da Vinci. Credit: Carl Court/Getty Images)