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Who Speaks for the Workers?

Union membership is in decline. So who will represent the workers of the gig economy?
Union membership is in decline whilst structural changes in the economy - including the rise of the so-called gig economy - are putting downward pressure on wages, and creating fertile conditions for exploitation by unscrupulous employers. So who is going to ensure that workers get a fair deal? Sonia Sodha, chief leader writer for the Observer, investigates.
Producer: David Edmonds.

Hot stuff? Union goes Full Monty in support of strikes

Liam Barnes

BBC News Online

A nakedly political statement, anyone?

It's 20 years since The Full Monty was released, and one of its most famous scenes has inspired an unusual message of support.

Members of Unite Community Chesterfield have re-enacted the dancing job centre queue, which they say is to back striking PCS workers at Eastern Avenue Jobcentre in Sheffield.

Donna Summer's Hot Stuff provides the soundtrack, so do you 'feel love' for the video, or do you think 'enough is enough'?

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