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How nylon became a million dollar idea
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how nylon became a million dollar idea.

Test your knowledge of the Periodic Table

Which of these elements belong in the current Periodic Table?
Can you spot the few real elements in the video?  Most of these 24 names had been announced as new discoveries by chemists in the past but in the end they turned out not to be new elements.
Drugs breakthrough made by Cardiff University scientists
The lead author of a new study says it will speed up how quickly new, safe drugs can be made.
Chemistry teacher Andy Brunning looks at where everyday smells come from
From wet dogs to old books, chemistry teacher Andy Brunning designs posters to explain where everyday smells come from.
Nobel prize medal

Mary Halton

100 Women

The 2017 Nobel prizes for the sciences have all been announced, but many in the scientific community are pointing out the lack of female laureates.

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