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Naked stand-up challenges body shaming
Glory Pearl says performing with no clothes on is part of the fight against society's "obsession" with body image.

The naked musician battling body image woes

Glen Donnelly found confidence in his body by being naked
In a world increasingly lived online, there is plenty of concern around the anxieties many often face around their body image. And not just among girls. Australian violinist Glen Donnell had to abandon his music career due to 'body dysmorphic disorder' - that's where a person can develop a deep hatred of their own body. To publicise the issue of men's body image Glen sky dived whilst playing the violin... while completely naked.

(Pic: Glen Donnelly playing in the air and sky diving while naked; Credit: Coffs Skydivers)
Sylvia Mac always hid the scars on her body - until last year. She spoke to Ena Miller
Sylvia Mac always hid the scars on her body - but a year ago she decided to show herself and help others along the way.