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Dementia choir sings for Luton Airport passengers

A choir, made up of people with dementia and their carers, sings for passengers at Luton Airport.

Mural of local park at hospital to help dementia sufferers

Northampton General Hospital has unveiled a new 30m (98ft) long mural of Abington Park to help recall memories for dementia patients.

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It's based in the elderly care centre at the hospital and also features park benches and sounds recorded in the park.

"We felt it was something that would be familiar to our older people," said Jill Garett, dementia liaison nurse at the hospital.

"A lot of people that we have in hospital have dementia or memory problems. We found having something familiar, where they can sit with family or maybe a member of staff and actually look at that [could help] bring back those memories.

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"It's not just about talking about things. It's a visual thing, with sounds of church bells, birds singing and children. It's very therapeutic."

Dementia: Why son fears for mum's future care

The BBC last saw dementia-sufferer Andriani in 2014. Her deterioration has been rapid - while the costs to care for her rise.

Iain Sinclair and Keggie Carew

Writer Iain Sinclair meets artist Keggie Carew to talk about her book Dadland.

Writer Iain Sinclair meets artist Keggie Carew to talk about her book Dadland. Before turning to writing, Keggie made a career as a conceptual artist, painting, running a studio space and a shop called "theworldthewayiwantit". Her first book, Dadland, won the 2016 Costa Award for Biography. It describes her long and complex investigation into the life of her father Tom, a World War 2 hero who parachuted behind enemy lines into both France and Burma, set against his decline into dementia towards the end of his life. Original Music by Brian Eno Produced by Alex Mansfield.

Video: Olympian gymnast starts dementia pilot in care home

Sue Dougan

BBC Local Live

A new exercise programme's being piloted in Cambridgeshire to help people suffering from dementia.

The technique centres around performing different movements with the right and left sides of the body at the same time.

Originally developed in Japan, the British Gymnastics Foundation has chosen to start its UK roll-out in Huntingdon.

2012 Olympic bronze medallist Kristian Thomas, was even on hand to help.

The Team GB gymnast leading an innovative exercise programme

Dementia conference set for hospital

Elaine Muir

Journalist, BBC Shropshire

Around 200 people are expected at a dementia conference in Shrewsbury today.

The event is being hosted by Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust and will include speakers, workshops and films.

Those present at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital will be discussing what care and support is available as well as personal experiences of diagnosis.

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Allow nurses with dementia to continue working


Nurses who have dementia should be supported to continue their work for as long as they are able, a nursing union has agreed.

The decision was taken in a vote at the Royal College of Nursing's annual Congress in Liverpool.

A dementia nurse from London, Jo James, suggested developing an RCN strategy for supporting colleagues with the condition.

She told the conference: "A dementia diagnosis is likely to signal the end of a nurse's professional life.

"In a single moment they will go from nurse to patient, regardless of the severity of their dementia or how it's affecting them.

"We have robust laws in place against discrimination - but dementia is often seen as the exception to the rule and stigmatised."