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What if you could tip the farmer that grew your coffee?

How blockchain technology could connect us directly to producers
Guido Van Staveren is trying to make his company Moyee Coffee completely transparent. He tells Emily Thomas how blockchain technology will eventually connect everyone in the supply chain from farmers in Ethiopia to consumers in Amsterdam.

(Photo: Woman with coffee with a money bag symbol Credit:Getty Images)
Old Ethiopian plane becomes cafe in the town of Oromia
Customers flock to the Ethiopian cafe for its unusual setting and homemade honey wine.
Adam Ringer

Jo Harper

Business reporter, Warsaw

As a 19-year-old Adam Ringer was kicked out of Poland during an anti-Semitic purge, but he returned two decades later to become a key business leader.

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Should coffee drinkers pay a recycling tax?

The UK may levy a charge on plastic covered cups that cannot easily be recycled
The UK is considering a levy of 25 pence, or 34 cents, on plastic covered cups that cannot easily be recycled.

Billions of these type of cups are sold every year, around the world and mostly to coffee drinkers.

Trewin Restorick is the chief executive of the Hubbub Foundatiion, an environmental charity which has been campaigning for a change to the way we use paper cups coated with plastic.

(Picture: Plastic covered cups of coffee. Getty Images.)