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Will China's clampdown on internet shopping fraud work?

Online retailers face huge fines for selling counterfeit goods or posting fake reviews
As China's online retailers prepare for Singles Day, the annual internet sales promotion held on the 11th of November, they face huge fines if they are caught selling counterfeit goods, or posting fake reviews.

in 2016 Chinese consumers spent almost $18bn online in 24 hours, many of them shopping with Alibaba.

Duncan Clark, the author of a book about Alibaba, tells us how consumers are worried about being duped.

(Picture: Chinese consumers surfing the internet. Getty Images.)

마윈 알리바바 회장의 특별한 파티

마윈 알리바바 회장은 매번 회사 파티 때마다 독특한 복장을 하고 등장한다.
China's richest man does Michael Jackson dance routine
The Alibaba chief executive Jack Ma has performed a dance routine to 40,000 employees at the firm's annual party.
Using your face to buy your lunch
China's Alibaba unveils the first facial recognition system to pay for shopping - at a fast food restaurant.