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James Gallagher

Health and science reporter, BBC News website

They are more focused, intelligent and less bothered about fitting in, say scientists.

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Listen: Sheffield man tells lifelong search for father

Paulette Edwards

BBC Radio Sheffield

When did you first meet your father? Well, for Denton Wilson from Sheffield he had to wait 42 years.

He was told his dad had died, but he wasn't convinced, so he went to Jamaica to investigate.

They finally met, but when he returned to the UK he received a phone call that changed his life:

Mongoose parents can't tell which pups are theirs

Mongoose parents pair up with pups who conceal their identity

Now it's not easy growing up: we all have stories of struggle and hardship, but spare a thought for the mongoose. These small mammals are known to have competitive social groups and so it's not uncommon for babies to be killed by the adults. So how do they stay safe? Emma Vitikainen, from the University of Exeter is studying this, and told Newsday's Lawrence Pollard about the animals: (Photo: Mongooses Credit: Getty Images)

Warrington mum sings Ed Sheeran parenting parody

A parody of Shape of You, which includes the lyrics "I gag at the smell of poo", is a Facebook hit.