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Game used to test children's eyesight made in Wales

Eye defects in children could be identified in people's homes using a tablet game developed in Wales.

Young app maker: Change world, become turtle

10-year-old app maker's plan: Change world, become turtle

Yuma Soerianto, a 10-year-old app developer from Melbourne, Australia, was the youngest attendee at Apple's developers' conference this week. He spoke to the BBC's Dave Lee about his skills, ideas, and what he wants to be when he grows up.

Snapchat Spectacles arrive in UK

Video-recording glasses go on sale in the UK, as the company behind Snapchat tries to diversify.

An augmented helping hand with gadgets

A new app uses augmented reality to remotely help people use gadgets.

A new app uses augmented reality to remotely help people to use gadgets, by offering virtual instructions that "stick" to objects. Project Chalk can be used on a typical tablet or smartphone. The BBC's North America technology reporter Dave Lee got help working a coffee machine.

Skype gets Snapchat-style makeover

The popular video-calling app now lets people curate a 'daily story' - just like Snapchat.