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England fans in sarcastic mood

Phil McNulty

BBC Sport chief football writer in Vilnius

England fans are now singing "It's Just Like Watching Brazil." Very good. For those not watching, let me assure you it isn't.

Well, not unless you can recall a Brazil side as lacking inspiration and creation as this England team.

Jordan Henderson

Bomb hoax plane: Passenger describes 'sense of unease'

A passenger on board a Ryanair plane which was escorted into Stansted Airport by fighter jets yesterday says they felt "helpless".

The flight, from Lithuania to Luton, was diverted after Lithuanian authorities received a suspected security alert, which turned out to be a hoax.

Passengers disembarking from the plane at Stansted

Jonathan Zulberg says there was "no sense of chaos or panic".

"There was a sense of unease, and helplessness, because we weren't allowed off the plane but we were told there was a bomb threat on the plane," he said.

"We were sitting there, calling family, and the police turned up... it was quite scary."

Essex Police say nothing suspicious was found.

US tells Baltic states: We stand together
Vice-President Mike Pence singles out Russia as biggest threat to the countries' security.
Lithuania has lost a fifth of its population over the last 15 years
Lithuania has lost a fifth of its population over the last 15 years.