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Asda apologises for £930 banana blunder

Gavin Bevis

BBC News

Asda has sent us this tongue-in-cheek response after an online shopper from Sherwood was mistakenly charged £930 for a single banana.

The firm said: “Whoops, looks like we’ve slipped up here. Whilst our bananas are excellent, even we agree that they are not worth that much and clearly there has been a glitch in our system.

"We would like to thank Mrs Gordon for keeping her eyes peeled and flagging this error to us and we are investigating to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Single banana shopper was charged £930 for
Bonnie Gordon

Asda to ban sale of energy drinks to under 16s

Leeds based supermarket Asda says it's going to ban the sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to children under 16.

Energy drinks

The supermarket has taken the move along with Aldi and is the first of the "big four" supermarkets to do so.

The ban will apply to 84 products starting on 5 March and will work in the same way as the sale of alcohol, where customers might be asked to show ID.

Energy drinks are linked to obesity and various types of cancer, as well as type 2 diabetes and tooth decay in children.

We have listened to our customers and want to take a leading position in this area to support parents and teachers in limiting young peoples' access to high caffeine drinks."

Andrew MurrayAsda