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Wales sees 'shift' in public opinion on second EU referendum
Prof Roger Awan-Scully of Cardiff University says more people want another EU referendum.
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John Campbell

BBC News NI Economics & Business Editor

John Campbell assesses to what extent the first phase of Brexit talks offer all things to all people.

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BBC Minute: On the Brexit deal

Britain and the EU have agreed a breakthrough in Brexit talks - but what's it all about?
There’s been a significant breakthrough in talks between Britain and the European Union over the UK’s exit from the EU. It’s after Britain voted to leave the European Union partnership of 28 countries. 

So what’s been going on - and why is this latest development so significant? BBC UK Political Correspondent Rob Watson tells us 5 things we need to know.

(Photo: Flags of the European Union and United Kingdom. AFP PHOTO / Oli SCARFFOLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)