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Brexit uncertainty 'putting extra pressure on farmers'

A new report says supermarkets are pushing farmers in Worcestershire to provide fruit and vegetables all year round, because of Brexit and the uncertainty it's brought.

The paper, commissioned by Wychavon District Council, also highlights a potential shortage of labour once we leave the European Union.

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The report says the government needs to do more work, to make sure there is a plan for food production after Britain leaves the EU.

Earlier this month, MPs heard both the government's environment and trade departments were being "left in the dark" about how to prepare for Brexit.

At the time, the government said Whitehall was "rising to the challenge".

Crown Dependencies 'won't be an afterthought' in Brexit

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The interests of Guernsey need to be looked after during the Brexit process, according to a member of the House of Lords.

Lord Michael Hastings is in the island for his work with accounting firm KPMG, holding a number of numeracy workshops at schools along with meeting deputies.

He said Guernsey - along with the other Crown Dependencies - are an important part of the UK's wider interests and "won't be an an afterthought" in Brexit talks.

Lord Hastings

Will Trump extend EU exemption?

BBC World Service

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In more trade-related news - the European Union's trade commissioner says it's still not clear whether President Trump will grant EU countries a permanent exemption from planned US tariffs on steel and aluminium, reports BBC World Service.

Cecilia Malmstrom was speaking ahead of a meeting of EU trade ministers in Brussels.

She said the EU was planning for different scenarios, once the current, temporary US exemption expires, on the first of June.

Last week EU leaders indicated they'd be prepared to open talks with the US on issues including trade liberalisation, but only if the exemption was made permanent.