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The football team with a difference

Lucie Plant

BBC Hereford and Worcester

A new football team set up for diabetic players hopes it will be able to play in an international competition.

Student Chris Bright, from Worcester, set up the Futsal side for people with type 1 diabetes.

New football team formed entirely of diabetic players

Non-needle blood sugar tech invented at Bath Uni

Scientists at the University of Bath have created patch technology to test blood-sugar levels through the skin.

Dubbed as a "bloodless revolution in diabetes monitoring", the adhesive patch contains sensors that use small electric currents to draw out the glucose from hair follicles, without having to prick or break the skin.

It can take readings in diabetes patients 100 times a day and costs not much more than £1.

The monitoring and treatment of diabetes currently accounts for 10% of the NHS budget.

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A needle-less method to monitor blood sugar has proven a difficult goal to attain... This is an essential contribution in the fight to combat the ever-increasing global incidence of diabetes."

Professor Richard GuyBath University Department of Pharmacology

New device replaces finger prick test for diabetes patients

Finger prick test

Patients with Type 1 diabetes in Somerset can now get a new blood glucose monitoring device on prescription.

The sensor records blood sugar levels continuously and can be read whenever needed.

It replaces the finger prick test and provides more accurate information.

Somerset is the first area in the south west region to make the device available for free.

Patients in other parts of the country still have to pay around £100 per month.

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