Women’s rights in Africa

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100 Women: Teaching men not to harass women on public transport
Classes in Nairobi aim to teach boys and young men what constitutes harassment - and how to intervene if they spot it happening on public transport.
Anita Nderu speak openly about her experience of harassment in Nairobi
More than half of women in Kenya have been harassed on public transport, according to a recent study - Anita Nderu is one of them.
Nigerian Taekwondo fighter kicks gender inequality where it hurts
Nigeria's youngest Taekwondo referee on fighting gender inequality and taking on a street thief.
Women sitting down on the ground

In our series of letters from African journalists, Yousra Elbagir explores Sudanese women's appetite for weight gain pills.

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Two women with brightly coloured Afro hair

Patience Atuhaire

BBC Africa, Kampala

The debate on what constitutes being improperly dressed in public is reignited after Ugandan civil servants are issued with a strict dress code.

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