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Failed migrants determined to reach Europe

Two Nigerians explain why they would keep trying to cross the Mediterranean
Many Africans risk crossing deserts and seas, as well as attacks from armed rebels, in order to make it to Europe. Tony Jimoh and Solomon Thomson are two Nigerians from Benin City who've tried and failed to land in Europe several times. They plan to do it again and told BBC Newsday why they still want to leave their country.

(Picture: African migrants rescued from a ship off the coast of Libya. Credit: Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images)
Windrush passengers arriving at Tilbury Docks in 1948

Lucy Rodgers

BBC News

The Empire Windrush ship arrived in England on 21 June 1948 carrying hundreds of passengers from the Caribbean, among others. What do we know about them?

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Croydon views on Johnson's call for immigration amnesty
A box and plastic balls gauge the views of Croydon, chosen as it is home to one of the country's main immigration offices.
PMQs: Cooper and May on immigration policy and targets
Yvette Cooper says Theresa May was "warned repeatedly" about the damage caused by her "obsession" with migration targets