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Skateboarding like a girl: 'You should not be intimidated'
Nine-year-old Lola is about to unleash her secret weapon at a skateboarding competition.
Disney World holiday for boy with Down's syndrome left on bus
Comedian Jason Manford shared Alex's story on Facebook, prompting more than £18,000 in donations.
Generation Gifted: Birmingham girl defying homelessness
Jada, whose family were homeless, has been identified by her school as gifted and she is not letting her background stop her from succeeding.
What happened when a photographer asked strangers to embrace
Photographer Richard Renaldi's "Touching Strangers" brings together unusual parings to create striking photos.
Massachusetts head teacher comes out to school as transgender
After realising her "best self is really female", primary school principal Shannon Daniels decided to send parents and students a letter announcing she is transgender.