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Kenneth Macdonald

BBC Scotland Science Correspondent

A healthcare revolution is being predicted after the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics received new funding.

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"I was told I couldn't know anything about electronics because I was young, blonde & female"

Jessica, rising star of the engineering world, on how gender barriers can be overcome.

Engineer Jessica, from Cardiff, named 'rising star' at the sixth annual FDM everywoman in Technology Awards, on what can be done to break down gender inequalities in areas such as engineering.

Think again: Will circular runways ever take off?

Could circular runways be the future of air travel? Aviation expert Henk Hesselink of the Netherlands Aerospace Centre believes so.

Welsh Water technician: Tackle gender gap at young age

Only 5% of Welsh Water's technical staff are women and graduate entrant Vyvyan Evans says it is important girls see what is possible at a young age.