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Aboakyer festival: The deer hunters of Ghana

Every May the people of the Ghanaian coastal town of Winneba celebrate their migration from Timbuktu with a traditional hunt, known as the Aboakyer festival.

No pay for Ghana's 'ghost workers'

Ghana has suspended the salaries of about 26,000 public sector workers.

Ghana's Ministry of Finance has suspended the salaries of about 26,000 public sector workers. It's part of a drive to clean up government payrolls and fight corruption, but some REAL employees have also had their records - and salaries - wiped clean. So how do they feel - and what difference will it make? We heard from some of those affected, and the BBC's Thomas Naadi. (Photo: a woman holding Ghanian currency. Credit: Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images)

The villages that have become a sanctuary for monkeys

In the twin villages of Boabeng Fiema and Buoyem in Ghana, people believe the local monkey population is sacred. The BBC Travel Show's Ade Adepitan reports.

First mass trial of Malaria vaccine announced

Ghana, Malawi and Kenya will trial the Malaria vaccine from 2018

Malaria, which is spread by mosquito bites, kills nearly half a million people a year. After years of research and development, the first ever vaccine against malaria will be introduced in a pilot project in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi from 2018. Doctor Matshidiso Moeti is the the World Health Organisation's regional director for Africa. (Photo: The Anopheles mosquito, which carries the Malaria parasite. Credit: Getty Images)

Is Ghana's economy on the mend?

Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo says he is making significant economic progress after 100 days in power but critics are not so sure.

From Ghana to NFL Star

Detriot Lions star Ziggy Ansah explains how he discovered American Football

Born in Accra, Ezkiel Ansah (Ziggy) grew up as many Ghanaians do playing football. But fast forward to 2013 and Ziggy was in New York experiencing what many people can only dream of, being drafted in the NFL. Ezikiel has played for the Detroit Lions since 2013 but speaking to John Bennett Ansah explains how different the sport was for him, saying that at first he needed "help putting his pads on" (Photo: Ezekiel Ansah of the Detroit Lions celebrates victory, Credit: Getty Images)