South Sudan

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Migrant crisis: 'I feel like a dead person'

Hennessy was trying to get back to the UK, but ended up in a migrant detention centre in Libya's capital.

BBC Minute: On Africa's biggest refugee crisis

More than a million people have fled South Sudan for Uganda

Uganda is now hosting more than one million refugees who have fled civil war in neighbouring South Sudan, according to the United Nations. The conflict in the world’s newest country has created Africa’s biggest refugee crisis in more than twenty years, and women and children represent 85% of those who’ve crossed the border. BBC reporter Catherine Byaruhanga tells BBC Minute about Uganda’s unique system for welcoming refugees. Picture: Recently arrived refugees from South Sudan sell food at the Ngomoromo border post in Uganda, April 2017, Credit: Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty Images.

South Sudan conflict: Poet Emi Mahmoud on Uganda refugee landmark

Emi Mahmoud performs a poem to mark one million South Sudanese refugees arriving in Uganda.

Map of South Sudan

Provides an overview of South Sudan, including key events and facts about Africa's newest nation

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A chronology of key events in the history of South Sudan from when the region was part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

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