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Aedes aegyptii

Ken Macdonald

BBC Scotland Science Correspondent

Researchers at Strathclyde university are working to combat a deadly tropical disease - using mathematics.

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Air quality figures 'need to spark action'

A doctor has called for action after figures have revealed "unsafe" levels of pollution.

Car fumes
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Data from local councils - put together by  Defra  - shows there were unsafe levels of nitrogen dioxide at 24 sites across Suffolk in 2015.

Areas highlighted included the taxi rank in Newmarket, the roundabouts on Norwich Road in Ipswich and Cross Street in Sudbury. 

The  World Health Organization  estimates more than nine in 10 people across the globe breathe polluted air. 

Dr Simon Rudland, from the Suffolk GP Federation and a partner at Stowhealth in Stowmarket, said: "It's so frustrating because we're asking people to be more active and to be more out-and-about, then they do that and they're exposed to fumes which affect their respiratory health.

"It's good we're having these conversations, but from these conversations we need some action to improve the quality of air."